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5 Non-Toxic TikTok Skin Care Trends You Need
689 million. That’s how many faces across the world swipe up on TikTok every month.

And let's be honest, we all know that TikTok is a breeding ground for beauty and skin care tips. And while it can seem like the app has an endless supply of hacks, tricks, and weird DIYs to try out (or avoid), there are some trends that are worth taking note of.

Especially of the Non-Toxic, Natural Skincare Variety.

Here are five TikTok skin care trends we can’t get enough of and TikTok-approved skin care products to go with them!


Gua sha is the practice of applying pressure and scraping your skin to relieve pain. It works with the skin, which supports all sorts of good stuff like lymphatic drainage and face shaping!


A jade roller is a tiny, handheld beauty tool that gently massages your face and has been used for hundreds of years in China. It's typically made from smooth white, green or pink stone which can be heated up with water to create steam-like warmth on the skin.


Face yoga is the latest trend in re-energizing your body and mind. Designed to help massage muscles, stimulate skin, and improve lymphatic drainage which reduces stress by helping you stop making some of those pesky facial expressions that come with it!


Benefits of Dry Brushing: - It stimulates blood flow in capillaries; boosts collagen production for smoother skin + reduced cellulite - Increases lymphatic circulation so toxins are eliminated faster.


A new trend on the skincare scene is multimasking, where you layer different face masks to achieve a specific goal. There are so many types of facemasks out there and they all have their own benefits that can be combined for an even more customized experience.
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